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Organization Structure


Sioux Rivers Governing Board


  • About – The Sioux Rivers Regional MHDS organizational structure assigns the responsibility for funding non-Medicaid funded MHDS services, and the entire mental health delivery system to the governing board.  Each member county shall appoint two of its Supervisors to serve as a Director on the Governing Board.  Additionally, other members who complete the governance board membership are an individual who utilizes mental health services or is an actively involved family member and an individual representing service providers in the Counties that comprise the Sioux Rivers Region.  These directors serve as a non-voting members of the Board.

Don Kass - Director

Plymouth County

Mark Loutsch - Chair

Plymouth County

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Mark Sybesma - Director

Sioux County

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Carl Vande Weerd - Supervisor

Sioux County

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Non-Voting Board Members:      , Tammy Bruinsma,Director
Mavis Anema, Secretary

MHDS Advisory Board


  • About – Sioux Rivers encourages stakeholder involvement by having a regional advisory board assist in developing and monitoring the plan, goals and objectives identified for the service system as well as serve as a public forum for other related MH/DS issues.  The Advisory Committee has nine members that include individuals who utilize services; service providers; a County Service Coordinator and a County Supervisor representing the Governing Board.





Dr. Shawn Scholten, Chair                  

Creative Living Center 


Cheryl Van Beek                                      

First Reformed Church


Vera Ludwig

Plains Area Mental Health


Rose Nicoson                           

Life Skills Training Center


Robin Falde

Hope Haven


Mark Behrens

Lyon County Director


Tammy Bruinsma

Consumer Advocate


Sharon Nieman                                

Sioux Rivers Region


Mavis Anema                        

Sioux Rivers Region

Lisa Rockhill

Sioux Rivers Region MHDS Services Coordinator

Carl Vande Weerd

Governance Board Director

Jerry Birkey

Lyon County Director

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