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Landscape photo of blue, purple-orange hue sky and bright sunburst through clouds with Sioux Rivers logo. Sioux Rivers Regional Mental Health and Disabilities Services | Sioux, Lyon, Plymouth, O'Brien and Dickinson County, Iowa.
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HELP WANTED... Chief Executive Officer

Sioux Rivers Regional Mental Health and Disabilities Services is hiring for a Chief Executive Officer. All applications, resumes, and cover letters are due to the Sioux Rivers Regional Governance Board Secretary Sue Duhn by September 1, 2022.

Please complete and send the information to Sue’s email address An application can be found on the Sioux Rivers website by clicking on CEO Job Application at Starting wage will be approximately $90,000-$110,000 per year based on experience.

The essential duties and responsibilities of the CEO shall include:

  •   The CEO reports to the Regional Governance Board.

  •   Oversees regional operations, ensuring adequate training and overt of staff.

  •   Assist with hiring staff, provide supervision and conduct annual performance evaluations of the

    Coordinators of Disability Services and Regional Support staff.

  •   Develops and oversees communications with an input from relevant consumer, family and other

    stakeholder advisory groups.

  •   Assures consumer and family input into needs assessments and strategic plan development.

  •   Oversees development of the regional management plan and annual budget and service plan.

  •   Oversees develop of the annual regional budget.

  •   Implements a budget tracking and risk management plan to assure that annual expenditures

    remain within the annual budget.

  •   Accountable for the region’s compliance with all state requirements, including performance


  •   Develops regional administrative staffing plan and job descriptions.

  •   Assures that financial, program, service, client and performance data are collected and reported

    in a timely manner.

  •   Oversees development and implementation of the regional quality assurance plan.

  •   Oversees regional appeals and grievances processes.

  •   Developments monthly, quarterly, and annual reports as specified by the Board and the

    Department of Human Services.

  •   Represents the Sioux Rivers Regional MHDS at ISAC, ICSA Board, and the CEO Collaborative.

  •   Other duties as assigned or requested.

    Qualifications and Education include:

  •   A bachelor’s degree in a human services related field with five years management responsibility.

  •   Management responsibility should include accountability for organizational operations and

    budget in addition to management of staff.

  •   Knowledge of mental illness and intellectual disabilities.

  •   Knowledge of human services systems, including Medicaid and non-Medicaid mental health and

    intellectual disabilities.

  •   Financing and service delivery systems.

  •   Experience developing and managing strategic and business plans.

  •   Experience with using financial tracking and outcome and performance data for organizational

    management and quality improvement.

Sioux Rivers is Now Hiring:
Chief Executive Officer! 

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