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Assessment & Stabilization Center

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 Sioux Rivers Regional ASSESSMENT Center

The Assessment Center allows an individual to stay for up to 23 hours.

The individual will be monitored by a group of medical and mental health professionals.

This service is appropriate for someone whose mental health symptoms can be stabilized quickly and he or she can safely return to the community.

This voluntary service is for those that do not require hospitalization but need assistance and medical oversight to prevent symptom exacerbation.

The individual will have the ability to reach out to natural supports and include them in their stabilization planning. 

Sioux Rivers Regional STABILIZATION Center

The Stabilization Center length of stay is expected to be less than 5 days.

Participants continue to receive care by medical and mental health professionals and receive further care coordination and therapy services on a daily basis.

This voluntary service is for those that require more time for stabilization and intensive service planning.  


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4038 Division Street

Sioux City, Iowa 51104

Phone: 712-560-7996

Fax: 877-686-2801


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This program is made possible by Sioux Rivers Region in collaboration with Siouxland Mental Health Center to benefit Lyon, Sioux, & Plymouth County residents.

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